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There is nothing new in the academy. We can suppose that all proofreading techniques have the same result even if they have different checkers. It all depends upon the educational background and the literary acumen of the  text checker. Proofreading is not an innate ability; it is an acquired skill.

We have been checking English texts for 35 years. It is always good academic practice to have a professional check your English text. When you go it alone there are always bound to be mistakes and a stressful time of it all. Whether English is your native language or not it is always better to call on the professionals to give you the final O.K. We offer you our personally guaranteed service and fine results.  Money back guarantee everytime with no quibble.

Why proofread a document? It is always important to improve upon your spelling, grammar, syntax, word choice, sentence and paragraph structure, formatting, flow and the expression of your ideas. The list of possible improvements includes the structure and organisation of the argument; clarity of expression, consistency of tone and editorial style. There are always likely to be simple typographic errors, such as unwanted extra spaces between and within words. Even a facile mistake in your pluralities and singularities can make a poor impression upon the reader. Furthermore, if English is not your native language it is imperative that your document undergoes professional proofreading and correcting by an expert.

Are there other parameters affecting my important manuscript? Yes! Firstly, in my experience of reading documents a single error can seem as injurous as twenty errors. It is a much better practice to be 'clean' of errors and perfect in the presentation of your research and ideas. The proofreader will assist you in avoiding any word repetition, ambiguity and redundancy of the words in your text content. There are bound to be omissions, inconsistencies, logical fallacies and inaccurate colloquial language. All proofreading and correcting is performed manually by an expert proofreader.

How can the proofreader switch from one field of expertise to another? The answer is "it takes many years of experience and diligence". Whether it's biochemistry, solid state physics,  economics or  psychology, members of all fields present  their English manucripts for proofreading and correction by an expert. Manuscripts come in from Switzerland, Spain, UK  and many other countries where English users who are non-native users of English wish to communicate in text form in the  popular universal language of English. Work includes thesis manuscripts, books, manuals, professional society papers and official letters.

Do you include references or bibliography, figures and tables in the word count? Certainly not. We do not edit these inclusions so they are not included in the word count when calculating your price.

Supposing I send you 120 pages to proofread. When will it be ready?  Possibly, within 24 hours, depending upon our current workload.

Whether the provenance of your manuscript is the Faculty of Arts or the Faculty of Sciences, a solitary typographic error can seem as bad as twenty errors. You, the author, can proofread your own work time and again but you will never find every last error. It is a psychological trap and your mind will be so accustomed to the text that it believes all is perfect. This is when you need an expert whose first time reading of your manuscript with a fresh approach will reveal all possible errors. It is better to be 'clean' of errors and perfect in presentation prior to lodging your manuscript for academic or professional examination. 

Our modern proofeading services can be effected by sending documents through internet and using electronic banking. Why not entrust your work to us?  Nothing to lose and everything to gain for your academic success.


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Improve your thinking skills and enhance your positive perception of academic life via your relaxation while you leave the text checking of your English papers to the competent staff at Edit My English. Feel relaxed and happy about life, no matter what is going on around you. Stay actualised and have more time for your life by letting someone else take the workload. We check and correct your English text professionally. Keep on top of things. Maintain your cool and your patience. Sounds too good to be true? Well, all of these life enhancing facets can be yours, through the regular use of our proofreading services at Edit My English. 

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