Letter from the Proofreader/Editor

Your consideration in reading this page is appreciated.

1 - The proofreader is a scientist and in general all clients say that the proofreading and editing work is perfect, while operating in both UK and US English.

2 - Collaborating daily with economics and science professors on their papers authored in UK or US English. They are based in Switzerland, Luxemburg, Spain, Norway, Turkey, Tunisia, France, Poland, Greece, Austria, Germany, Italy, Sweden, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Argentina, Columbia, Brazil, Mexico, Chile, USA, China and more. 

3 - Recent proofreading/editing of English papers for peer-reviewed publication includes Biotechnology, Human Physiology (Spain), Human Genetics/Oncology (UK), Pharmacology & Neuroscience (Switzerland) for Nature & Journal of Clinical Investigation, Plant Biotechnology (Turkey & Egypt), Paleo-Plant Biology (Russia) and Plant Genetics (France, China & Mexico). Here is a brief and incomplete list of some journals for which accurate proofreading has been undertaken on articles which were then accepted for peer reviewed publication: Journals

4 - Send your paper now and you can usually have the corrected version with and without Word Tracking by tomorrow morning. For a full PhD thesis manuscript you can expect the corrected version within 4-6 days. Formats accepted are .doc, .docx, .pdf or .tex

With thanks and best regards,

Dr. Matthew COPLEY BSc PhD

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One simple error in a text, without PROOFREADING, can ruin the feel of the content and the appearance of your text. We will scrutinise your work and correct everything in a professional manner. Providing our proofreading service at low prices is fully guaranteed by us. That makes us the ideal choice. We simply perform a decent service to exacting standards.  

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Our mission is to get your text checked and returned to you in a narrow window of time. We wish to have returning clients and we will be effective in this endeavour through our own perfected editing skills. Your satisfaction is our goal. We accept the challenge.

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