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How do I use Edit My English? Send us your Word, pdf or tex documents by email. We would appreciate having your address and telephone number. If you are an organisation then your company name and tax number should be included. You can expect a confirmation of receipt and a job price the same day. Your corrected documents will then be checked and returned to you normally within 24 hours or to a mutually agreed deadline. All our work is performed manually by a proficient proofreader with a minimum of 4 years of university education.

What if I prefer to send you the hardcopy of my manuscript? We are pleased to receive your manuscript in any form that agrees with your requirements. Our postal address is at the bottom of this page. We will return your corrected manuscript by post. Crossing European borders can be up to three days to deliver. International borders take four to five days to deliver.

Will you put my manscript at the front of the queue? Of course we will. You made a last minute decision to use our service. Often a manuscript with a Monday deadline is received by us a few days beforehand, on the previous Thursday. The manuscripts are expertly proofread, corrected and received by the author on the following day, Friday afternoon. There is no extra fee to pay for our express service.

What does it cost? It is not expensive, really. All of our jobs are priced individually. Check the prices page or ask us for a quote. We reduce prices on bulk manuscripts.

How do I pay? Depending upon your location we can be paid by posting to us a cheque from a French, UK or Spanish bank. We also accept bank credit transfers (ask us for our bank IBAN and SWIFT details). PayPal is also a great method  to pay us for our services, online. Some clients prefer paying by Western Union.

How will I know what you have corrected in my manuscript? Word tracking is used in Word documents, sticky notes are used in pdf documents, comparative pdf compilations can be arranged for tex files.
What if I don't fully understand all of the corrections that I receive? You are always welcome to liase with us for any final clarifcations, by email. Our policy is to keep you happy as a client. If there is any misunderstanding on your part then we will always give you, the client, the benefit of any doubt.

What is the preferred format for documents? Word, pdf  and tex formats are acceptable.

What sort of texts do you work with?  We deal with all manner of English language documents.

What if my text is in American English?  We will ask you your preferred form of English, UK or US. We are accustomed to proofreading accurately in both American and UK versions of the English language.

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